Knox News June 2019

In addition to the content shared below, a PDF version of the June 2019 Knox News is available to print using the free Adobe Acrobat program.

June Events

  • June 3-8th Grade NYS Science Written Test
  • June 5-8th Grade ELA CBT (Computer Based Testing ) Field Testing
  • June 14-Honor Roll Ice Cream Social
  • June 17-Last Official Day of Classes
  • June 18-Exam Day-All Students Report to School at Regular Time With Regular Dismissal
    • Johnstown School Budget Re-Vote -11:00am-8:00pm at JHS Auditorium Lobby
    • 8:00am-Spanish 1 Advanced Spanish
    • 12:00-3:00pm-Algebra Regents
    • 12:00pm-Spanish 1A Exam
  • June 20-Exam Day-All Students Report to School at Regular Time With Regular Dismissal
  • June 24-All Students Report to School at Regular Time
    • Grade 7-Field Trip to Glimmerglass State Park- Regular Dismissal Time
    • Grade 8-Field Trip to Rosamond Zoo-Return @3:00pm
      Grade 8-Students Provide Their Own Transportation Home
  • June 25-Half Day for Students -Dismissed at 11:00am
    • Rose Cup Competition
  • June 26-Last Day of School Students Dismissed at 11:00am
    • Report Cards Distributed
    • 7:45am -Awards Assembly-Parents Are Welcome to Attend
    • Yearbooks, 7th Grade Band Rehearsal, 8th Grade Promotion Walk Through
    • 5:30pm-8th Grade Promotion @ JPAC (7th Grade Band Members Perform Promotion Ceremony Music)

School Budget Re-Vote
Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Polls Open 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Johnstown High School Auditorium Lobby

You may vote if you:

  • Are at least 18 years old and
  • Are a US Citizen and
  • Have been a resident of the Greater Johnstown School District for the past 30 days and
  • Are a Registered Voter.

Voter Registration

Use this link to see if you are registered to vote in the GJSD:

Not registered? Come to School Voter Registration Night, Tuesday, June 11, from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. in the JHS Auditorium Lobby. Please bring photo ID and proof of residency.


Ten Knox Band students participated in the New York State School Music Associations Solo Festival on May 17 and 18 at Shenendehowa High School. This optional festival required extra time and dedication outside of regular school band activities. All soloists were required to prepare a solo and scales, as well as sight-read on the spot for an adjudicator. They then received constructive comments and ratings which are: Needs Improvement, Fair, Good, Excellent and Outstanding. We are excited to say that all our musicians received scores within the top two ratings! We are very proud of these musicians for all of their hard work and going above and beyond to develop their musicianship. Participants were Adrianne Airey-clarinet, Talia Anderson-flute, Emily Blood-flute, Ethan Blood-tuba, Maddy Connelie-trombone,Lilly Dittmer-oboe, Landon Fosmire-DeRocker-flute, Wyatt Frasier-tuba, Mercedes Milby-clarinet,Nicole Simon-saxophone

On Tues, May 21st, four Knox Band students, along with Mrs. Casey performed at the Evening for Education. Performers were: Ethan Blood-tuba, Jayden Elston-trombone, Makiya Smith-trombone & Dakota Witzke-percussion day

Energetic Engineers – Odyssey of the Mind World Finals

Congratulations to the Energetic Engineers for placing 6th out of 63 teams at Odyssey of the Mind World Finals held at Michigan State University! You make us proud!

Congratulations to our “Students of the Week”

  • 5/3/19 – Isabella Bermas, nominated by Mrs. Bruno
  • 5/10/19 – Zach VanHorn, nominated by Dr. Swanson
  • 5/17/19 – Catherine Irelan, nominated by Mrs. Blackwood
  • 5/24/19 – Lucas Tate-Pettit, nominated by Mr. Chamberlain
  • 5/31/19 – Maxwell Rodriguez, nominated by Mr. O’Kosky

Guest Speaker

Mrs. Schuttenberg, Eighth grade English teacher, scheduled a lecture with a Holocaust survivor through the Holocaust Survivors & Friends Education Center in Albany, New York.  Ivan Vamos kindly shared his experience with our 7th and 8th graders in the Knox auditorium on Thursday, May 30, 2019.

Ivan’s Holocaust Background

Ivan’s father was conscripted into a slave labor battalion that accompanied the Hungarian Army in their invasion of Russia in 1941. Most of these Jewish men died due to the harsh conditions they faced, or were killed probably by the retreating Hungarians. This included Ivan’s father. In Hungary, “foreigners” were deported to concentration camps and restrictions for Hungarian Jews were draconian. Parks, pools, theaters, schools, professions and even sidewalks were prohibited for Jews and Gypsies (the Roma). Valuables, businesses and homes were confiscated. Yellow stars had to be worn. In 1943 Ivan’s grandfather, a decorated WWI officer, was called up and near fatally beaten, so Ivan’s Mother decided to hide. Carrying false papers she may have helped fabricate (she was a professional photographer), she and Ivan pretended to be refugees from the Russians, and found lodgings in a rural area until the spring of 1944.

In 1944, alarmed by roundups of people in the countryside, Ivan’s Mother and Ivan walked back to Budapest. They arrived at a “protected house” (probably one of the houses under Swedish flag, as bravely arranged by Raul Wallenberg). They stayed for weeks in a very crowded apartment, until a German takeover of the Hungarian government in March 1944 (a former Axis ally of Germany, Hungary was rumored to be ready to sue for peace). This “invasion” put the ultra rightist Hungarians called “Nyilas” (represented by crossed arrows) in charge of the country by the fall. These violent criminals herded all those in the protected houses and elsewhere to boxcars, or as marching prisoners who were headed to extermination camps.

In the thousands lined up for deportation, Ivan’s Mother grabbed his hand, and took the risk of running into a group of on-lookers on the sidewalk. They ran, then walked in haste, and after a few close calls, they ducked into a bombed out apartment house. Fortunately they still carried a hidden bag of split peas Ivan’s Mother obtained months before in the countryside. They found that water remained in some of the toilet flushing tanks which they used for drinking, cooking peas and their survival. They continued to hide in several of these smoldering ruins for the winter months until the Russians arrived.

After the liberation, food and lodgings were scarce, disease rampant and everything seemed unsafe. Several changes in governments added to the turbulence. Ivan’s mother had US GI brothers who could sponsor a visa to the US. The Hungarian quota was however hopelessly backlogged, so she remarried to a Czechoslovak so they could immigrate on that quota. Ivan, still a Hungarian by US INS rules, stayed behind for another year until he could advance on the Hungarian quota as a dependent youth, immigrating to the US in the fall of 1947.

On July 12, 2016 Ivan received a payment of 2,500 Euros from the Conference on Jewish Claims Against Germany Inc. in recognition of his Holocaust losses. The minimal size of this award recognizes that Ivan, fortunately has little current need for financial help in contrast to other survivors some of whom are in need. Ivan has already donated these funds to charity, and greatly values this recognition of his experiences during WWII.

*The  PTSA sponsored a luncheon for fifteen students and the Knox Student Council donated $100.00 to the Holocaust Survivors and Friends Education Center in Albany, NY in Ivan’s name.

General Information

Event dates, locations, and/or times may need to be changed. Please view the District website for the latest information.

Monday, June 17, is the last day of regular classes for Knox students. Students are required to report to school as noted on the June calendar.

A regional summer school will be held this summer, the location is to be determined.  Parents will be contacted as to whether or not your child is eligible for this opportunity.

Spring Recognition Ceremony

On Wednesday, June 26, at 7:30am, we will be recognizing students for displaying good character traits, sports, and/or extracurricular participation, academic excellence, etc. Parents are welcome to attend.

Library Book Returns

Please return all library books to Mrs. Cordts in the library BEFORE JUNE 3, 2019

8th Grade Promotion & Reception

The 8th grade promotion practice is on Wednesday, June 26, at the JHS Performing Arts Center. Students will be bussed from Knox at approximately 9:45 am. Students will be dismissed from JHS at 11:00am and are responsible for their own transportation home. You must attend practice if you plan on attending promotion. The ceremony will take place that evening at 5:30 pm. Eighth graders need to report to JHS at 4:45pm (Seventh grade band members meet in the JHS Band Room at 4:45pm in dressy attire.)

Thank you for Everything

Thank a PTSA volunteer today.