Knox March Attendance Madness

Knox March Attendance Madness

The Rules: (Starts the week of March 4th)

  • Each Check-in will choose a team name

  • Each round will last one week

  • Team with highest attendance percentage wins

  • Being Tardy counts against your team

  • Attendance will reset at the beginning of each week

  • There will be 4 rounds

  • All teams that lost round one will be placed in the Second Chance Bracket. The team in this bracket with the best attendance in week 2 will be put back in the tournament


  • Weekly – Winning Grade will be able to leave early on Fridays (No Check-Out)

  • Monthly – Winning Grade will have a cell phone lunch period while being served by available staff

March Attendance Madness Grand Prize:

  • The Winning Team/Check-In will be able to dress Mr. Kraemer for a day