Knox Junior High

Knox Student Expectations & Positive Rewards

Knox Student Creed

“I am an intelligent and assertive student. My destiny is in my hands. I will overcome all obstacles which stand in my way. The decisions I make today will affect the rest of my life. I will have respect for myself and others. I will also set a good example for my peers. Education is my ticket to success. If I say it can be done, I will achieve my goals. I am a Knox Junior High School student!”

Your Knox student should be able to discuss with you and explain the meaning of the Knox Student Creed. Ask your child about it today!

Expectations of Knox Students

To promote and encourage a positive and safe learning community
1. Always use polite language and a respectful voice.
2. Follow directions of ALL school staff without arguing.
3. Dress in a way that encourages a positive learning community and does not interfere with others’ learning opportunities.
4. Carry a hall pass SIGNED and correctly DATED by a staff member in order to be out of class.
5. Drinks and food must be stored in lockers until lunch or after school.
6. Be prepared and on time to ALL classes, including study hall and lunch.
7. Behave safely: keep hands, feet, and objects to self.
8. Walk at all times in the halls and cafeteria.
9. Electronic devices must be kept in lockers at ALL times.

Your Knox student should be able to discuss with you and explain the meaning of the Expectations of Knox students. Ask your child about it TODAY!

The Knox Positive Reward Program

The Knox faculty and staff provide an opportunity for students who demonstrate positive and appropriate behavior to receive special rewards. ALL Knox students are eligible to receive a positive reward, but it must be earned.

Ways to earn a positive reward include demonstrating good character, following all school rules, being helpful to classmates and teachers, and showing that you care about our school. Students who demonstrate some of these great characteristics earn a ticket. The tickets are then put into daily, weekly or monthly drawings. Some of the prizes that have been won in the past include: school supplies, candy, and gift cards. Winners may also choose from homework passes, locker passes, or take a friend and go to the front of the lunch line, etc.

Knox staff and local business donate the prizes to support this positive behavior program.