Knox End of Year Information

Knox Jr High School is pleased to announce our plans for the end of the year awards ceremony and 8th grade promotion. Even though we will not be able to have our traditional events to end of school year, we have worked very hard to ensure our traditions continue and make the best out of this situation.The celebration events are as follows:

Device Collection/Student Belongings Distribution

Families of students in 7th through 8th grade will be able to pick up their children’s belongings at Johnstown High School (Front Loop) on Friday, June 12th. We ask that you return any school issued Chromebooks, Library Books, and/or textbooks during this time.  If you are returning a Chromebook, please be sure to fully charge it before you turn it in – you will be asked to power it up before you hand it in.  You will be receiving a “Save The Date” in the mail with the specific time (30 minute block) you should arrive.  7th grade will be in the morning and the 8th grade will be in the afternoon.  If you do not receive this by Monday, June 8th, please email Mrs. Houtz @


Families should enter the JHS Campus from Pearl St and turn right into the front loop.  Staff will be present to direct traffic.

Note: Students should return all school issued materials (Chromebooks, Textbooks, Library Books, Instruments, etc.).  Students will be also receiving end of the year awards/certificates/yearbooks and belongings left at the school (including clothes from PE locker).

Families must remain inside their vehicles at all times.  We request that all individuals inside the vehicle wear masks when interacting with staff.

After collecting their children’s belongings, families should exit the campus via Pearl St.

Thursday, June 11th 6:00 PM- Knox Awards Assembly

Knox Annual Awards Assembly(Virtual) will be released to the public.  A link will be shared via the Remind App.

Thursday, June 18th 6:00 PM – Knox 8th Grade Promotion

Our 8th grade promotion this year will be virtual.  8th grade families, please be sure that your child completed the promotion slide in the 8th grade Google Classroom.   This assignment can be found by your student on top of the Classwork tab.  The traditions of band performances, student speeches, awards, giving of the roses/pins etc. will continue.  A link will be shared via the Remind App.

Yearbooks are In!!!

Great news, our yearbooks have arrived and they look amazing.  Thank you to Christina and Josh Laird for all of their hard work and dedication in order to make this possible.

If you did not order a yearbook we still have about 40 available.  If you would like a yearbook and you did not order one please follow the steps below:

  1. Email me at – I will confirm with you if you secured a copy.  We have 40 extra so it will be the first 40 that email me.
  2. The cost is $15.  Payable by checks only.  Please bring payment with you to Knox’s drop off/pick day on June 12th.  Checks should be made out to the Knox PTSA and please put the check with the school materials that you are handing in.  The yearbook will be placed with the child’s materials that are being given to them that day.
  3. If you cannot pay by check, only the exact cash amount ($15.00) will be accepted.