JTA’s WAW Scholarship Tradition Continues

Johnstown Teachers Association Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

The William A. Wright scholarship, awarded by the Johnstown Teachers Association to two Johnstown High School seniors each year, echos the community service, school citizenship, leadership, and academic excellence that William A. Wright personified as a Johnstown educator for 42 years.

The 2018 Johnstown High School Commencement Ceremony will mark the 63rd awarding of the WAW scholarship, and the JTA remains proud to uphold the values of William A. Wright’s enthusiastic involvement in a wide circle of civic and fraternal activities for the betterment of the Johnstown community.

Johnstown’s K-12 teaching staff is grateful for the opportunity to follow the development of our students academic careers and relishes the opportunity to reward the students who exemplify the core values of William A. Wright.

The JTA thanks all community members for their continued support of our students.

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