Johnstown High School

School Profile 2018-19

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Mission of the Greater Johnstown School District:

The Greater Johnstown School District will provide all students with the academic problem-solving and technological skills essential for personal development, responsible citizenship and life-long learning.


Johnstown is a small industrial town of approximately 8,500 residents located at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains. It is five miles north of the NYS Thruway (Exit 28), midway between Albany and Utica. The social and economic character of the community is diversified. The main industries are small manufacturing, farming and tourism. Johnstown is a historic town where visitors can relive colonial times with visits to the baronial estate of Sir William Johnson, the Fulton County Courthouse and other historical landmarks. Residents and visitors have many recreational opportunities available to them throughout the year. The activities may include tennis, golf, swimming, softball, jogging, skiing, bicycling, fishing and hunting. The school system enjoys a fine scholastic and athletic program.

High School:

Johnstown High School is a comprehensive public high school. Johnstown offers a wide variety of programs for its students with opportunities to choose courses from ten different departments. Following graduation, upwards to 70% of the students go on to some form of post-secondary education. JHS also offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and sports. The school is accredited by the NYS Education Department.

High School Enrollment:

  • 586 students grades 9-12
  • Student to teacher ratio 25 to 1 (on average)
  • Student to counselor ration 300 to 1 (on average)


All subjects are graded numerically with a passing grade of 65%

Cumulative Average and Rank:

The student’s class average is calculated by the mean of all courses attempted, passed and/or failed. All college and AP classes are weighted at 2% of the final course grade for rank. All other classes are weighted equally with the exception of physical education, which counts 1/4 of the final course grade. GPA is not weighted. Rank is weighted.

Graduation Requirements Class of 2020:

  • English, 4 Units
  • Social Studies, 4 Units
  • Mathematics, 3 Units
  • Science, 3 Units
  • Foreign Language, 1 Unit (for Advanced Regents Diploma, 3 Units)
  • Health, .5 Unit
  • Fine Arts, 1 Unit
  • Physical Education, 2 Units
  • Electives, 3.5 Units
  • Total Credits Needed: 22

Regents Diplomas – Class of 2019:

  • 52 Regents Designation
  • 11 Regents w/Honors
  • 29 Advanced Designation
  • 2 Advanced Regents w/Honors

Post High School Plans Class of 2019:

  • Total Graduates 137
  • 4-year College 28
  • 2-year College 41
  • Trade School 3
  • Military 2
  • Seek Employment 54

Special Programs:

Besides our traditional academic courses, Johnstown High School offers students a number of other unique programs:

  • BOCES Career and Technical Programs
  • Alternative Education Program
  • P-Tech (Pathways to Early College High School)

Advanced Placement (AP Courses):

  • Biology
  • Language and Composition
  • Literature and Composition
  • US Government and Politics

University in the High School Courses (SUNY Albany)

  • Calculus
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Spanish 4 & 5
  • US History

University in the High School Courses (FMCC):

  • Intro to Statistics
  • Algebra (MAT 120)
  • Speech

Administration & Contact Information:

  • Dr. Karen Geelan, Superintendent
    (518) 762-4611
  • Scott Hale, Principal
    Christina L. Lais, Assistant Principal
    (518) 762-4661
  • Jeffrey Blacha, Guidance Counselor
    Kellie LaCoppola, Guidance Counselor
    (518) 762-4664


Johnstown High School
1 Sir Bills Circle
Johnstown NY 12095

Phone (518) 762-4661
Fax (518) 736-1489


General Information:

CEEB Code (College Entrance) 332635