Johnstown Elementary PTA Officer Nominations

The following positions are open for the 2019-2020 school year. We will vote at the May 1st PTA meeting, which will be held at Warren Street School at 6p.m.

  • President – Plan and preside over all meetings, develop the agenda, encourage the planning of new activities and ideas, and communicate with our regional PTA representative.
  • 3 Vice Presidents (Pleasant Ave, Glebe, Warren St) – Perform duties of the President in their absence, check PTA mailbox weekly and let appropriate person know they have items, sign checks, find volunteers for PTA events in your school (i.e. Meet the Principal Night, Picture Day, Open House, Fundraisers)
  • Treasurer – Keep an accurate account of receipts/expenditures, pay bills as adopted by the budget, give treasurer’s report at the PTA meeting, pay state & national PTA dues and insurance, sign checks.
  • Recording Secretary – Record meeting minutes, communicate with the district for website submissions within one week; provide paper minutes if asked, take attendance.
  • 3 Representatives (Pleasant Ave, Glebe St, Warren St) – attend monthly meetings, on-line membership for your corresponding school.

If you wish to nominate yourself or someone else, please submit the bottom of this form to the nominations committee by April 18th and please include a contact number (if known), and the student(s) name(s) for the candidate. (Nominations should be sent to the main office at each school to be placed in the JEPTA mailbox).