JHS Fall Play Set for Nov. 14-16

This weekend (Nov. 14 – 16) be transported back in time to 1880’s Colorado and be entertained with a good old fashioned melodrama at the Johnstown High School Performing Arts Center.

The Johnstown High School Drama Club will present Tim Kelly’s “The Face on the Barroom Floor”, replete with villains, a damsel in distress, and her courageous hero, on Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and on Sunday at 2 p.m. The play is based on a poem written by Hugh Antoine d’Arcy in 1887.

Sweet Madalaine Mockingbird (Angela Duross) torn between her beau artist Jack “Toulouse” Goodhart (Ethan Bowen) and a stage career, soon becomes manipulated by the evil plans of Roderick Rodent (Adam Ferrari) and his accomplice Bella Yukon (Grace Michienzi). Madalaine leaves her mop and bucket job at the Old Teller House, run by sour Annie Quackenbush (Victoria Fish) and takes up vocal lessons with retired opera singer Theda Swansong (Emma Crouse).

However, the villainous plans go awry hindered by Judge Fleesum (Jack Truckenmiller) and Roderick’s lackey Fatima (Sarah Martelle). The staging is at a pitch with slapstick antics and feverish fights, along with a cast of hotel denizens, including drunken Chick Dogtemper (Caliope Brower), smiling Herbie Rainwater (Julia Bevington), nasty Dusty Rhodes (Alexia Brunetto), rich matron Mrs Van Cleve (Taylor Darling) and her whiny daughter Little Gloria (Taylor Griffith), and a strange lady in black (Kelly Hart).

Bowen and Duross are perfectly matched as a couple of innocents, easily taken advantage of at every turn, while Ferrari and Michienzi handle the evil schemes with aplomb. Fish and Crouse portray rich comedic characters, and the ensemble adds to the side-splitting humor.

The Stage Crew (Elizabeth Willett, Tyler Lawyer, Abigail Ryan, and Maddie Willett) have put together scenery for a typical old west hotel lobby, accompanied by period costumes and music.

The production is directed by Michael S Burnett with Cynthia Wood (assistant director), Darlene D’Onofrio (costume coordinator), Diane Dillenbeck (seamstress), and Matt Wood (carpenter).

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