Drama Club Presents “Laffing Room Only”


cast and crew pose for group photo

The Johnstown High School Drama Club provides a rollicking farce with Tim Kelly’s “Laffing Room Only.” The show plays this Friday and Saturday (Nov. 10 & 11) at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday (Nov. 12) at 2 p.m. at the Knox Junior High School auditorium, due to construction at the high school.

Pitiful Gloria Alexander (Anna Crouse) is about to lose her dilapidated Vermont hotel, Whispering Pines, for back-taxes. She’d gladly sell the place, but there are no takers. Enter two state officials: high-spirited Falbo (Hunter Hill) and no-nonsense Vikki (Katie Ammann), with plans to make the hotel a base for a sting operation. They give out the word that the hotel will accept stolen goods, hoping to catch a number of petty criminals operating in the area.

Soon the lobby is populated by a parade of cheerful weirdos like ultra-cool Rondo Muldoon (Zack Hayes), strange Irma (Heidi Chamberlain) the bag lady, a bewildered society leader (Gina Franko), frantic young lovers (Julia Airey and Conner Edel) and an excitable insurance investigator (David Truckenmiller). They’re all fairly normal compared to the clever rural handyman, Putney (Jeffrey Salatel), who dreams of being a recluse.

One hilarious complication collides with another up to the climax when unsuspected, rib-tickling surprises are revealed.

The Stage Crew (Maddie Willett, Jacob Frenyea, Cece Radalin, Katie Diener, Emily Dingman and Alexx Fountain) have created the scenery depicting the rustic, well-worn, leaky Vermont hotel, Whispering Pines.

The production is directed by Michael S Burnett with Cynthia Wood (assistant director), Darlene D’Onofrio (costume coordinator), Diane Dillenbeck (seamstress), and Jordyn Stoutner and Ashlee Cotton (house managers).

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