Important to Monitor Children’s Social Media

Dear Parents,

The letter below was shared with the staff in response to the latest social media challenge which we find ourselves monitoring. Please be vigilant in monitoring your children’s social media interactions. Feel free to reach out to myself, or Mrs. Mucilli, or Mrs. DiVisconti with concerns.


Mrs. Nikki Lent, Principal

Dear Staff:

Yet another dangerous adolescent trend is among us. The “Momo Challenge” encourages children to commit dangerous and potentially violent acts through social media and video games, such as Facebook, YouTube,  WhatsApp, and Minecraft.

Momo is a ghoulish-looking avatar that threatens and cyberbullies children. If children refuse to do the “challenge”, Momo threatens to leak personal information, leaves disturbing messages, and sends violent images.

If you hear students talking about the Momo Challenge, please address the dangers if you feel comfortable as well as direct them to Mrs. Mucilli, or Mrs. DiVisconti or myself. If you have any questions, please reach out. As always, your eyes and ears into the lives of our students are much appreciated.  Thank you!

Here are some articles on the challenge: