Happy Read Across America Day

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Students at Glebe Street Elementary School celebrated Read Across America Day – Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss on Friday, March 4. The day began with a RAAD and PARP kick off assembly. Students then rotated through reading and crafting centers all day and enjoyed some truffula trees (cotton candy). Students and staff even dressed Seuss for the day. A big thanks to the volunteers who made this day possible!

Happy Read Across America Day!

Written by Nicole Naselli

This was no time for play.
This was no time for fun.
This was no time for games.
There was work to be done.

All those books,
books, books, books,
all those had to be read!

When Mrs. North came into the school on Read Across America Day,
she said, “Somebody has to read all of these books today,
somebody, somebody has to you see”.
Then she picked out two somebodies,
Mrs. Ammann and Mrs. P
(that’s Mrs. Preston for you and me).

There they were, they were reading like that
And who should come up, but Mrs. Wood in a hat!

“Listen, Listen!” Mrs. Ammann said, “Mrs. Wood, listen to me read.
I’ve learned so much this year… all the things that I need.”

 I can read lots of big words, such as sneedle, viper, and wumbus.
I’ve learned  my vowel combinations and blends. I can sound out bippo-no-bungus.

 “Well done!” exclaimed Mrs. Wood. “Oh  my, my! Great, great, great!
You deserve great things. And I don’t want you to wait!

Because you have worked so hard, and have learned things that are new.
We have planned a special day and there will be lots of fun things to do.

 Then the kids all perked up! They knew this would be great.
Mrs. North was all ready and didn’t want to start late.

 Do you know what is to come? Do you know what we will do?
Listen up, listen up, I will tell all of you!

Reading and crafting and lots of Seuss fun! There will be sweet treats too!
Listen to your teachers so you’ll know what to do!

My tongue is now numb, that was very hard to say.
Now have a really awesome Read Across America Day!