A Feast for our Feathered Friends

First graders in Mrs. Lisicki’s classroom have been working on a special Nature Trail project, to provide some cold weather sustenance for our Northeast backyard bird friends.

In order to first build some background knowledge, the students read books about birds, including “Feathers For Lunch” by Lois Ehlert. The Johnstown Public Library provided many other books on backyard birds as well. They also watched a video about wintertime birds in the central and eastern US that included fantastic footage of our winged friends and audio recordings of their bird calls.

The week prior to setting out for a walk on the Nature Trail, the class made special bird food “cookies.” When the day of the walk finally arrived, they were elated to hang their hand-crafted bird feeders on the branches of trees and bushes.  They even heard the chickadees say “thank you,” as they reached the end of their nature walk.

Special thanks to the buildings and grounds crew for their upkeep of the Harry and Julia Wilson Nature Trail, as well as to local residents Ryan and Mary Baxter for their recent donation to this treasure that brings so much joy and learning to kids and adults alike!

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