Second Graders on Exciting Sightseeing Trip

The second grade classes at Glebe Street have taken off on an exciting sightseeing trip to famous landmarks, symbols, and monuments around the United States of America!

Mrs. Frenyea’s class took off from Glebe Street International Airport and flew first class on Frenyea Airlines to Washington D.C.  Our flight attendant, Mrs. North, checked-in everyone’s plane ticket and showed the students to their seats.  She even served an in-flight snack of Goldfish!

The plane landed safely in Washington D.C.  and the class set off to learn all about the Washington Monument.  Other stops on their trip will include the Lincoln Memorial, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore and the Grand Canyon.  They will even be looking for a bald eagle in Alaska!  They are very excited to travel around our country and learn many new facts along the way!

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