Glebe Street Recognizes Board of Education

The students and staff at Glebe Street Elementary School would like to recognize and thank our Board of Education Members for their service to the students, families, and staff of the Greater Johnstown School District.

We understand that in addition to your full-time jobs, full-time parenting and additional volunteer work, you have spent countless hours reading educational research, school policies, and complex budgets. You have gone through ongoing training, professional development, seminars, and conferences. You have visited our schools and spent time with us. We thank you for voicing the needs of the students  within the Greater Johnstown School District. You have met with parents, students, teachers, administrators, non-teaching and teaching staff, community members, and groups. Thank you for listening to us. Thank you for giving up your evenings with your families to advocate for other families. You have given your best, and we thank you for your service! We appreciate all that you do!

We welcome you to Glebe for the March BOE Meeting and look forward to seeing you!