Glebe Street Elementary

WOW (Word of the Week)

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Grade 2 & 3 Tier 2 Vocabulary List

  1. Word: Restate
    • Definition: to state again or in a new way
    • Synonyms: reword, summarize
    • Introduced by Preston, week of 4/16
  2. Word: Edit
    • Definition: to revise or correct
    • Synonyms: revise, alter
    • Introduced by Ammann, week of 4/23
  3. Word: Paragraph
    • Definition: a portion of writing about an idea beginning with an indentation on a new line
    • Synonyms: portion, part
    • Introduced by Porter, week of 4/30
  4. Word: Response
    • Definition: an answer or reply in words or actions
    • Synonyms: reply
    • Introduced by Park, week of 5/7
  5. Word: Thesis
    • Definition: the subject of an essay
    • Synonyms: idea, position, view
    • Introduced by Wood, week of 5/14
  6. Word: Rubric
    • Definition: a set of directions or procedures
    • Synonyms: procedure, routine
    • Introduced by Frenyea, week of 5/21
  7. Word: Indicate
    • Definition: to point out or direct attention to
    • Synonyms: point out, evidence
    • Introduced by Caputo, week of 5/28
  8. Word: Represent
    • Definition: to stand for something
    • Synonyms: symbolize, show
    • Introduced by Mylott, week of 6/4
  9. Word: Identical
    • Definition: alike in every way
    • Synonyms: exact look-alike
    • Introduced by Cox, week of 6/11
  10. Word: Quotation
    • Definition: words taken directly from a book or speech
    • Synonyms: quote, excerpt, selection
  11. Word: Mass
    • Definition: a body of matter considerable in size
    • Synonyms: pile, heap
  12. Word: Solve
    • Definition: find the answer, to explain
    • Synonyms: answer, explain
    • Word Work: solution, resolve, resolution
  13. Word: Purpose
    • Definition: a plan or a goal that someone sets
    • Synonyms: aim, reason
    • Word Work: a target (visual), author’s purpose, noun
  14. Word: Character
    • Definition: a person or animal in a play, poem, story, or book
    • Synonyms: actor in the story
    • Word Work: characters, character traits, Cat in the Hat (visual), noun
  15. Word: Relate
    • Definition: to connect in thought or meaning
    • Synonyms: connect
    • Word Work: relation, relationship, verb
  16. Word: Illustrate
    • Definition: to make clear or explain, draw
    • Synonyms: explain, show, model
    • Word Work: illustration, illustrate, illustrator
  17. Word: Conclude
    • Definition: to make a decision, to come to an end
    • Synonyms: decide, end, determine
    • Word Work: conclusion, conclude
  18. Word: Show
    • Definition: To put in sight
    • Synonyms: exhibit, display, demonstrate, represent
    • Word Work: /ow/, rhyming words, word families
  19. Word: Result
    • Definition: the outcome
    • Synonyms: product, conclusion, consequence, effect
    • Word Work: antonym, cause/effect, result
  20. Word: Portion
    • Definition: a part of any whole
    • Synonyms: chunk, fraction, bit, part, unit, piece
    • Word Work: -tion, r controlled, -or, sound, syllabication
  21. Word: Category
    • Definition: a group of like items
    • Synonyms: group, department, list, kind
    • Word Work: play category game (i.e., names of animals, shapes, etc.)
    • Introduced by Caputo week of 10/2
  22. Word: State
    • Definition: to say, to set forth in speech or writing (i.e., state your answer)
    • Synonyms: voice, say, express, explain, recount, tell, declare
    • Word Work: multiple meanings
    • Introduced by Mylott week of 10/9
  23. Word: Several
    • Definition: being more than two but fewer than many
    • Synonyms: a few, not many, plural, some
    • Word Work: R controlled vowels; show a collection of objects; syllables
    • Introduced by Cox week of 10/16
  24. Word: Example
    • Definition: a sample of an idea or object to show for understanding
    • Synonyms: sample, sampling, illustration, model
    • Word Work: -ple syllable, multiple meanings, demonstrate, (ex.)
    • Introduced by O’Keefe week of 10/23
  25. Word: In Common
    • Definition: share a similar idea or characteristic
    • Synonyms: share, same, compare
    • Word Work: Venn diagram, Compare & Contrast
    • Introduced by Preston week of 10/30
  26. Word: Describe
    • Definition: use details to tell about something in writing or spoken words
    • Synonyms: doable, possibility, probable
    • Word Work: find adjectives that describe, details, verb
    • Introduced by Ammann week of 11/6
  27. Word: Possible
    • Definition: able to be done
    • Synonyms: doable, possibility, probable
    • Word Work: impossible/possible, prefix
    • Introduced by Porter week of 11/13
  28. Word: Sequence
    • Definition: the order in which things happen
    • Synonyms: order, development, succession
    • Word Work: sticks or cards = retelling, ordinal numbers, transition words
    • Introduced by Park week of 11/27
  29. Word: Analyze
    • Definition: to look at something closely and carefully
    • Synonyms: deconstruct, breakdown, study, observe
    • Word Work: tie in with science
    • Introduced by Wood week of 12/4
  30. Word: Characterize
    • Definition: identify or describe; features of something or someone
    • Synonyms: represent, portray
    • Word Work: character, character traits, character sketch
    • Introduced by Frenyea week of 12/11
  31. Word: Infer
    • Definition: an educated guess supported by evidence
    • Synonyms: interpret, presume, derive
    • Word Work: inferred, inferring, prior knowledge
    • Introduced by Caputo week of 12/18
  32. Word: Determine
    • Definition: to come to a decision or resolution
    • Synonyms: resolve, figure, decide
    • Word Work: de/ter/mine
    • Introduced by Mylott week of 11/1
  33. Word: Evidence
    • Definition: anything that shows what is true and what is not
    • Synonyms: facts, proof, clues
    • Word Work: text based evidence, clues game
    • Introduced by Cox week of 1/8
  34. Word: Identify
    • Definition: to recognize
    • Synonyms: describe, find, name
    • Word Work: identification, identify
    • Introduced by O’Keefe week of 1/15
  35. Word: Investigate
    • Definition: look into thoroughly; search carefully, examine closely
    • Synonyms: check out, consider, examine, explore
    • Word Work: tie in with science
    • Introduced by Preston week of 1/22
  36. Word: Justify
    • Definition: give a good reason for
    • Synonyms: confirm, explain
    • Word Work: text proof, prove
    • Introduced by Ammann week of 1/29
  37. Word: Organize
    • Definition: put into working order; get together to arrange
    • Synonyms: put together, set up
    • Word Work: organization, graphic organizer, organization of text passage
    • Introduced by Porter week of 2/5
  38. Word: Research
    • Definition: a careful hunting for facts or truth, investigation
    • Synonyms: explore, investigate, inquiry, look up
    • Word Work: research project
    • Introduced by Park week of 2/12
  39. Word: Specifically
    • Definition: in a specific (precise) manner, definitely, particular
    • Synonyms: precise, exact, specific
    • Word Work: specification, specificity
    • Introduced by Wood week of 2/26
  40. Word: Strategy
    • Definition: a careful plan or method for solving a problem
    • Synonyms: plan, strategic
    • Word Work: link to math?
    • Introduced by Frenyea week of 3/5
  41. Word: Support
    • Definition: to give evidence to prove an answer
    • Synonyms: uphold
    • Word Work: supporting details, text evidence
    • Introduced by Caputo week of 3/12
  42. Word: Interpret
    • Definition: to explain the meaning of
    • Synonyms: explain, tell
    • Word Work: interpret meaning of a passage; interpret graphs or charts
    • Introduced by Mylott week of 3/19
  43. Word: Value
    • Definition: what something is worth
    • Synonyms: worth, amount
    • Word Work: math- value of, place value, money
    • Introduced by Cox week of 3/26
  44. Word: Unit
    • Definition: a single thing in a group
    • Synonyms: component, element
    • Word Work: unit fractions, unit form
    • Introduced by O’Keefe week of 4/9