Glebe-Knox Buddy Program

two older students sit with two younger studentsThis year, Mrs. Tariyka Chaulk and Mrs. Laura Schuttenberg from Knox are teaming up with Mrs. Emily Cox from Glebe to pilot a “buddy program” in which eighth graders from Knox Junior High buddy up with third graders from Glebe Street Elementary to complete activities and projects. The goal of the program is to build positive relationships and cooperative learning skills. Additionally, the program strives to provide the third graders with stimulating opportunities for learning while simultaneously motivating the eighth graders to be positive role models and leaders and promoting self-confidence and responsibility.

another table of studentsTwo days a month at dismissal, the eighth graders will spend a half hour at Glebe Street with their third grade buddies reading books, writing stories, conducting science experiments, playing math games, or providing guidance on Chromebooks. Since the eighth graders assume the role of teacher, they are expected to meet ahead of time to participate in the planning and preparation of activities and projects for their buddies. So far this year, Knox students have visited their buddies twice. On the first visit, they guided their buddies in developing a “Getting to Know You” Google Slide on Chromebooks. Most recently, the eighth graders planned, prepared, and implemented four Halloween themed learning stations.

Emma Frank, an eighth grader, says of the buddy program, “I love the buddy program! It’s a great way to interact with the kids.” Alexis Dutcher echoes the feeling: “The buddy program is a great learning experience for the kids and us! It’s an overall amazing experience.”

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