Glebe Authors’ Night

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Join us at 6 p.m. on Thursday night, April 6, for Authors’ Night at Glebe. We have 20 talented young authors sharing their writing. Our authors are welcome at the 5:30 p.m. reception in the gym. Family and friends, always welcome!

Our talented writers:

Wesley Singer Athena Lugo Cameron Pigott Tai Russo
Cole Downing Maddy Kraemer Malania Sepanara Logan Greene
Andrew Hemstreet Carly Smrtic Ayla Naselli Willow David
Montana Breeze-Falconio Jocelyn Betts Matilda Smith Ian Yucha
Nathanial Solar Elliot Haverly Madison Milby

Their featured stories:

If I Were President by Wesley Singer

If I were President, I would have candy days – every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I would have a house as big as Johnstown. Then, I would have the school district not make kids do work for the rest of my presidency. And I would make sure the people would have food, shelter, clothes, knowledge, and fun. Next, I would have a lot of security, firemen, and doctors. I will make sure the people are safe. Lastly, I would make everything without harming nature!

Pot of Gold by Athena Lugo

I would do this if I had a pot of gold. The first thing I would buy would be 20 games for my DS. The game I really want is Narnia. Now there are too many books to fit on my bookshelf so I’d buy 20 bins for my books. Other things I would also get are so many outfits and shoes I couldn’t count them. I would buy a phone too. This is what I’d do with a pot of gold.

Peter Pan by Cameron Pigott

I like the book “Peter Pan” because it is awesome. The setting is in Neverland. The story has many characters. Tick Tock Croc is a crocodile. Captain Hook is a pirate in the story and he owns the Jolly Roger. Tinkerbell is a fairy and she is jealous of Wendy. Wendy is a big sister and she likes the mermaids that live in the lagoon. The story is a fantasy. All of the characters like to take adventures around the island. Neverland is a fun place. It is in every child’s imagination. My Neverland has many fun things like a root beer waterfall and Mrs. Cox and Ms. O’Keefe because they are the kindest, most awesome teachers ever. There are unicorns and emoji people. People can fly and are magical. Everyone has a special place in their mind, they call Neverland.

Ben Franklin by Tai Russo

Ben Franklin was the most accomplished and complicated founding father ever. Ben was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston MA. One of his quotes was, “Those who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither their liberty nor safety.” Now he is on the 100 dollar bill. His wife was Deborah Read. He was one of the few people who were founding fathers. He went to school in the Boston Latin School. He died on April 17, 1790 in Philadelphia, PA. He was really smart. He made a better stove. When he was 12, he ran away from home. His achievements were unparalleled. As a diplomat he helped make American independence a reality. Aside from George Washington, Ben Franklin was basically the most valuable person when it comes to winning the Revolutionary War. He wanted to abolish slavery when he had slaves. Ben was the son of a soap maker He was a printer, a political theorist, a politician, postmaster, leading author, and scientist. One way he discovered electricity was when he thought it would be a good idea to fly a kite during a thunderstorm. All in all he was a very successful man. I learned my information from the history channel.

The Cats Fight with the Dogs by Cole Downing

*I also couldn’t have written his story without these three friends including Dylan Hulbert, David Jarabek, and Grant Rathbun but sadly they couldn’t be here to read this story with me.

Once upon a meow there was a fight cats vs. dogs, There were three of the bravest cats of all including DJ, Skellacat, and King kitty for the last one the smartest cat of all; Nerd Cat. There were two brave dogs, Alex Rough House and Awesome Dog. They were all so happy until one day the cats played a prank on the dogs. Then the dogs got so angry and began to chase the cats. This started a war between the cats and the dogs. The cats did not run away. The cats fought the dogs for years with the bravest cats of all, They all worked together to try to stop the madness but nothing ever worked they tried and tried but nothing ever stopped the dogs. They kept on fighting until one day DJ Skellacat got injured and we sprinted to the Meow Meow Hospital. He had broken his arm so the kitty doctor said he will be fine very soon so sadly, the battle continued.

Finally one day DJ Skellacat came back. Everyone was so happy so they had to prank them hard. Now this was very hard because every day the dogs have been watching the cats so the cats had to distract the dogs. The cats built a giant robot then all the dogs ran away from it then the cats had time so they went to bed and then the dogs destroyed the robot that the cats had built. So the cats and the dogs carried on fighting. Some of the cats built a machine that would switch their brains. King Kitty got the smarts. Then Nerd Cat broke his leg and Meow Meow Doctor said he will be fine soon. Soon Nerd Cat would return so we would have to switch brains back again the cats kept on fighting. After a while the dogs and cats became friends. Don’t ask me how this happened. Then one day when they were all having a party the cats switched the dogs’ tails because they took one of their tails. So the cats did another prank on the dogs. To be Continued…..

All About Me by Maddy Kraemer

This is a poem about me.
My name is Maddy
I am not 3.
I am 7 obviously!

I like to help my dad plant trees,
but I don’t like to be stung by bees.
My favorite vacation is the one by the sea
where I have a picture of my friend Ava and me.

I have a little brother named Mickey.
He’s been a little sicky.
When it comes to eating, he is picky.
Making dinner is very tricky!

I like to help my mom clean the house
but I hope I don’t find a mouse!
If I do, I will run out of the house.
wearing my pink blouse.

My dogs Eli and Torre are not both boys.
They make a lot of noise
While playing with their toys.
I didn’t know how long this should be, so as I bow, please clap for me.

Little Steps by Malania Sepanara

Little Steps is a place to learn. Little Steps was so much fun. Our teacher was great. Her name is Mrs. Levin. Our teacher read us lots of books. We made lots of crafts. We couldn’t wait to do another one. We did an experiment with our teacher. A volcano can erupt. I learned my ABC’s. We put our hands in paint and put our hands on the wall. I learned my 1, 2, 3’s. Learning colors was so much fun! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. I learned the months, weeks, and years. My teacher sang songs with us. We had snack every day at our tables. We played outside and inside. Thank you Mrs. Levin for being such a great teacher!

How Skate Boards Were Invented by Logan Greene

Once there was a boy named Jeff. He always got into a lot of mischief. One day he was playing at the park when he found four wheels and a wooden plank.. Jeff had an idea so he took the items home. He got to work and put the wheels and the plank together. He hopped on and called it a skateboard.

Jerry the Penguin by Andrew Hemstreet

Jerry the penguin is six years old and he lives in Antarctica. His dream is to live with Santa Claus because they are both thoughtful and like to make kids happy. The problem is that Jerry lives in Antarctica and Santa lives in the North Pole. So on Christmas Eve Jerry stays up all night and asks Santa if he can come back with him. Santa said, “Yes” and he brings him back. Jerry makes a lot of new reindeer friends and he makes kids happy too because he helps the elves make toys.

Riding My Horse by Carly Smrtic

While I was riding my horse I heard footsteps. First they were slow, then they got faster and faster. Then everything became silent and still. I looked behind me and I saw….

The Discovery

Goober the big bull. He wanted to play tag, so I happily agreed. Goober went first, he chased me while I rode my horse all over the fields. He finally caught me after a long time. I said, “I’m it now.” I got him in a flash. We then played hide-and-go-seek. I started counting to ten. “1, 2, 3”, and so on. When I reached ten, I shouted “ready or not, here I come.” I searched and searched and finally found him. He was standing like a mannequin, hiding in the woods. He knew he was found and started to playfully run all the way back to the barn.

The Friend

That night, at the barn, I made a new friend, Brooke. She had blue eyes and short dark brown hair. Best of all she loved horses too. We rode for hours, laughing, giggling, and telling secrets and silly jokes. After weeks and weeks of riding, we decided to enter our horses in the local fair. They told us our horses were so cute, we were sure to win. First we showed our horses, then we entered the barrel race. We were both so nervous but we both did great. Brooke and I tied for first place and each won a blue ribbon. It was a great night!

Cartoon Comics by Ayla Naselli


As you may know, Garfield is funny and loves lasagna too. Once he had to eat lettuce but he refused to. Garfield loves junk. The junk Garfield likes is lasagna and cookies.

Tom and Jerry

As you may know, Tom the cat chases Jerry the mouse. Whenever Jerry does something to Tom, Tom starts chasing Jerry. Jerry makes Tom a mess. Tom destroys the house.

Scooby Dooby

Velma, Daphne, Fred, Shaggy, and Scooby are the main characters. Scooby and Shaggy are the silly ones. Velma is the genius. Fred makes the traps. Daphne does something with her extra stuff. Like shoes, makeup, and fabric.

Bugs Bunny

He is like a superstar Bugs Bunny. He is super funny. He wins games a lot. He is good at disguising. Bugs Bunny goes on adventures. Like funny adventures!

Willow’s Mermaid Adventures by Willow David

Once upon a time there was a mermaid named Willow. She loved her seahorse named Remen and she wanted to go to a sunken ship but there was a shark named Jaws and he was not nice. One day Willow went to the sunken ship and explored. There was a gold trophy but Jaws was guarding it. Willow could not steal it like the gold coin and the mirror. Jaws saw Willow and started chasing her for the gold trophy but Willow got away!

Spring by Montana Breeze-Falconio

I stop and smell a yellow flower. I look and see a red and pink flower. The flowers smell good because they are pretty. Pretty flowers make spring look and smell pretty. Spring is my favorite time of year.

The Family by Jocelyn Betts

Every morning we get up to go to school. Even though my brothers don’t want to, they go anyway. I love to go to school because I love to do math and read. Before we can go to school, Mom has to get two babies ready for daycare and we also have to fit five kids in the car and drive to daycare. After my mom drops my brothers and I off to school she goes to work. When school is over, she picks all of us up and we go home to do our homework. We also have chores to do like cleaning the dining room, living room, and the kitchen table before we eat dinner. Finally we go to bed and watch a little T.V. Another thing you should know about my family is that Jules, my little sister never wants to get dressed to go to daycare and Austin, my little brother only wants to go to school when he gets treats. On Saturdays, Austin and I go to my Dad’s house. When we are there we play with my Barbies or we go shopping. Dad usually drops us off to Mom’s on Sunday before dinner. Then we get to wake up on Monday and do it all over again.

The First Day of Spring by Matilda Smith

The first day of spring is fun.
You can run and play in the sun.
You can go to playgrounds.
You can also go biking around and around.
And that’s why i like the first day of spring.

The Adventures of Ginger Scallywag by Ian Yucha

Table of Contents

  • Baby Ginger
  • Love of Pirates
  • The Dream
  • Captain Bad Beard
  • Set Sail Skull Island
  • Defeat Captain Bad Beard
  • Wake Up!
  • Normal Life Again

C1 Baby Ginger

Mrs. Scale was at the hospital. She was having a baby. The doctors ran in. It was time! Mrs. Scale had a beautiful baby girl. The baby had beautiful ginger eyes and flakes of silky ginger hair. They decided to name her Ginger Rose Scale.

C2 Love of Pirates

When Ginger was 8, she loved pirates. Instead of Ginger Rose Scale it was Ginger Rose Scallywag, the Pirate of All the Seven Seas. She was captain, of course, “Argh” she said. “Set sail and go to Skull Island”. Skull Island had a skull rock on it. Ginger loved her imaginary island.

C3 The Dream

It was bedtime and Ginger went to sleep. Each day she had pirate dreams. She had a bunch of people in her dreams, but this dream was mysterious. It was werid. It felt like it was real! Her characters were; Captain Bad Beard, his partner James, and all the other pirates. This was going to be an adventurous dream. It all started on the pirate ship of Captain Bad Beard.

C4 Captain Bad Beard

When I arrived in my dream, I started off at the ship of Captain Bad Beard. I looked through the crowd and then I saw a big, fat man. He looked so hideous. He had yellow-greenish teeth, one iron hook, a peg leg that was covered with moss, an eye patch and of course, a raggedy black beard. He said to the crew, “Set sail me mateys! and we may go on an adventure to Skull Island. But first, swab the decks so our ship will be clean when we go”.

C5 Set Sail

All the pirates went to the ropes and untied them.  The sails opened up.  The wind was howling with fear.  The sails blew in the wrong direction.  They were gonners!  There was no way they would get to Skull Island except one.  They would have to  sail backwards.  “Set sail me mateys!” Captain Bad Beard said. “But first I have an  announcement”, he said.  “We are going to have to sail backwards, so turn this ship around so we can go to Skull Island.”

C6 Skull Island

After 2 hours of sailing backwards, they finally made it to their destination.  Skull   Island.  Ginger saw it all!  It was exactly how she dreamed it!  It was the biggest rock in the world  except there were some holes in it.  There was a big rectangle as the mouth and some teeth were carved.  There were two holes up above as the  eyes.  Inside when you sail into the  mouth, you can see in the middle, there is a tiny little island, no bigger than a small kiddie  pool.  They went into the mouth of the   skull.  In there they dug in that tiny little island.  They found swords made out of gold and silver.  Each pirate took a sword.  Every single  pirate took one sword.  But there was one sword left.  Ginger didn’t know what was  happening….was she going to be in a big battle against Captain Bad Beard?  So she took the  sword and then  she remembered in past dreams, that Captain Bad Beard was using the pirates  but the pirates didn’t know that.  So she announced “Captain Bad Beard is using you.  We have to fight him!”  All the pirates went on Gingers side.  But Captain Bad Beard would  be hard to beat.  He had the most powerful sword.  It was the ancient platinum sword.

C7 Defeat Captain Bad Beard

All the pirates were gaining on Captain Bad Beard, but Captain Bad Beard wasn’t afraid.  He had the platinum sword.  Bash!  Bam!!  All the pirates swords were  taken away so the pirates  got scared and ran away.  All that was left was Ginger and Captain Bad Beard’s partner, James, who was now with Ginger.  James said  “It’s me and you Ginger.”  Ginger had the gold sword and James had the silver sword.They chased Captain Bad Beard up the skull rock.  They were finally at the top.  James’s sword got knocked out of the battle.  He was scared and ran away.  It was just Ginger and Captain Bad Beard.

C8 Wake up!

Ginger was battling Captain Bad Beard.  There swords clinked together as they battled.  Then  Ginger heard a dinging noise.  She thought it was another  ship  saving her and giving her  help.  But it wasn’t.  Ginger woke up!  It was her alarm   clock.  Captain Bad Beard was defeated….sort of.  I guess he was lost in the  dream and he would never come back, ever  again.  Ginger saw her mom walking in her room.  “Honey, get dressed” her mom said.  “It’s  time for school.” Ginger got up, ate her breakfast, got dressed, and brushed her teeth.  Then she was off to school.

C9 Normal Life Again

Ginger was at school taking a science test.  She didn’t really think about the test. She mostly  thought about the dream, that crazy dream that she had!  But she was glad she had her  normal life again.  Ginger really wanted to be a pirate but she    knew they weren’t real  anymore.  Then she had a question…”What do you want to  be when you grow up?” it said.  Of course, Ginger wanted to be a pirate, but the closest thing she wanted to be was a sailor.  She really wished that pirates were    alive, but she knows they are not….or are they??

The Story of the Titanic by Nathaniel Solar

Building the Titanic

The company was the White Star Line. The designer was Thomas Andrews. The owner of the White Star Line was Joseph Bruce Ismay. The Titanic would be $125 million if you built it today.

Loading the Titanic

On the Titanic were 5 baby grand pianos, 36,000 oranges, 16,000 lemons, cars, 40, 000, 1, 750 quarts of ice cream, 1, 500 gallons of milk, and 11, 000 pounds of fish.

Sailing Day

On this day people were so excited to go on the Titanic. It is like when you get your favorite toy.

A Quiet Day

It was a good, quiet day until Midnight. Then it was not a good day any more.

We Have Hit

Then in the boilers room they screamed. We have hit. Everyone ran.

Abandon Ship!

Everyone ran to the rescue boats but there were only 15 boats, so only 705 people survived and 1,500 people died.

It’s Going Down

The Titanic cracked in half and met the bottom of the ocean. Bye by Titanic. The people on the rescue boats are still stuck in the middle of the ocean.

Here Comes a Rescue!

Then a ship came and picked them all up!

Finding the Titanic

They looked and looked, then they found the Titanic.

Wayside School is Opening by Elliott Haverly

Jason said, “Allison there are new students”. Allison said, “We got held back”. EDK walked up 30 flights of stairs since the elevator broke. Mrs. Gems is the new teacher. She was Louis’ stepmom. At recess EDK played tackle football. Jason tackled me for no reason. That is the new Wayside School.

The Man Who Worked A Lot by Madison Milby

Once upon a time there was a fox named Jeff. He was married to a cat named Crystal. Crystal had two puppies. One puppy was named April, the other Cookie. The fox, Jeff was like a maid but a boy. The fox, Jeff always took out the trash, took the dog out, did the dishes, and cleaned the house. The kids played on their phones all day. Jeff would have to get the kids outside to play. The mother should have stayed home to clean but no, she made sure the puppies and kittens didn’t get out. She watched some shows and would play on her phone. The Dad worked hard and he became the boy maid forever.