Fourth Grade Supplies 2022-2023

Dear Students,

Hello! We hope that you are looking forward to being a 4th grader! We are eager and excited to get to know you. Here is a list of items to get you started in September. Please put your name on the items before school starts. Thank you for your support.

  • (1) headphones or earbuds
  • (24) #2 pencils (sharpened – please)
  • (4) STURDY 2-pocket folders (red, blue, green, & yellow)
  • (1) Box of colored pencils
  • (1) Journal/Composition Notebook
  • (1) Glue stick
  • (1) Package pencil cap erasers
  • (2) Boxes of tissues
  • (1) Pair of Fiskar scissors
  • (2) Yellow highlighters
  • (1) Pencil box/Pencil pouch
  • (1) Backpack; NO wheels PLEASE
  • (1-2) Container of disinfecting wipes (please try your best to find these)
  • (1) Bottle of hand sanitizer (7-12 oz. size)
  • (2) Black dry erase markers
  • (1) refillable water bottle

Please practice and memorize your addition, subtraction and multiplication facts. It will really help you succeed in fourth grade. Have a wonderful summer and keep reading! See you soon!


Your 4th Grade Teachers