Elementary Track Meet a Winning Day

After being twice postponed by rainy weather, Warren Street and Wheelerville students bounded onto Knox Field for Johnstown’s annual Elementary Track Meet on Thursday, June 11.

For this year’s event, five teams were created, each with a mixture of classes representing fourth, fifth and sixth grades. Team names reflected the five character traits we strive for every day at Warren Street: Responsibility, Respect, Self-Control, Cooperation and Leadership.

Students competed in events on both the track and in the field, including relays, the hurdles, the 50 yard dash, the long jump, and the softball throw. Sixth graders also competed in the shot put and the discus. Everyone was cheered on by Glebe Street students who walked over to enjoy the event, as well as family members who came out to show support.

As a precursor to the meet, students learned about track and field events during physical education classes. On the big day they were then ready to put their skills and knowledge on the line, working to achieve their personal best while practicing collaboration and team spirit.

In the end a great time was had by all, as can be seen by the smiles on their faces in the photos below. Rain delays weren’t able to dampen anyone’s spirits – the third time really was the charm this year!

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