Eighth Graders Planning for Future

Game On Gaming Arts & Sciences LogoMarch is a very busy month for our 8th graders. We had our PTECH presentation on Tuesday, March 5th, and many students have expressed excitement about the programs. Students can apply online at https://www.hfmboces.org/ptech-applynow/. Application deadline is March 20th. Information about the programs is available here:

PTECH Health & Medical Sciences LogoFor students who may be unsure about whether any of the programs would be a good fit for them, remember that every Knox student has completed an online survey that determined their top character strengths. Students can use the results of this survey to help determine what career paths may be best for them.

On Wednesday, March 20th, all 8th graders will be visiting Johnstown High School. There will be three trips made that day. Students will be broken up into three separate groups. Students will find out which group/time slot they will be in that morning, as we will post lists in the main first floor hallway. While at the high school, there will be a presentation by the high school counselors. Students will also take a tour of the building and do a question and answer session with some current high school students. Each student will also sit down one-on-one with their high school counselor to make their course selections for ninth grade.

On Thursday, March 21st, representatives from the HFM BOCES Career and Technical Center will be at Knox to present to the 8th graders. The purpose of this presentation is to get the 8th graders familiar with what programs will be available to them later in their high school career.

If anyone has any questions, please contact the guidance office at 518-762-3726.