Drama Club Performing Bride of Brackenloch

cast & crew sitting on stage

The Johnstown High School Drama Club deftly takes on a quirky thriller spoof that plays this Friday and Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday at 2:00 (Nov. 11 – 13) at the JHS Performing Arts Center.

Set in 19th century Scotland, in a gloriously spooky old family manor by a loch near the moor, Rick Abbot’s BRIDE OF BRACKENLOCH pokes great fun at gothic romance themes.

three actors on stageJabez Thorngall (played by Tristan Zito), handsome young master of Brackenloch, has just lost his new bride to what all believe to be the curse of Brackenloch, that the “beauteous bride of Brackenloch shall die on her wedding day.” He, however, swiftly finds, at a local pub, a new bride to replace her, one Daphne Dixon, the barmaid (Heidi Chamberlain), and carries her back to the manor to the disparagement and disappointment of the family.


play-2016-sJabez’s determined sister Glynis (Ava Risso-Williams), his autocratic Aunt Alicia (Angela Wolff), former swooning sweetheart, Comfort (Julia Bevington), his young whimpering maid, Fenella (Anna Crouse), fawning evil neighbor Mavis (Julia Airey), Mrs. Mousely the cranky cook (Taylor Darling) and Mrs. Magleesh, stern housekeeper extraordinaire (Ashley Ackernecht) are not happy campers over this new bride. Along with them is the dour gardener Andrew (Jeff Salatel).

constabularyWhen a family heirloom goes missing the constabulary is called in and soon Chief Inspector Wilbur Yardley (Zach Hayes) is on the scene. However, everyone in the manor is harboring some secrets and suspicion arises around the theft, vanishing bodies, and murder.

two actresses on stage, one in wedding garbThe Stage Crew (Maddie Willett, Emily Wheelis, Cece Radalin, Saphire Bush, Ashlee Cotton, and Jordyn Stoutner) have put together scenery creating the paneled living area of the manor.

The production is directed by Michael S Burnett with Cynthia Wood (production assistant), Darlene D’Onofrio (costume coordinator), and Diane Dillenbeck (seamstress).

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