District-Wide Volleyball Winners 2018

winning student volleyball team poses in the gym

Student Volleyball Champs

JHS Student Council would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the fifth Annual Volleyball Tournament on Thursday, March 8.

Specifically, thank you to the entire building and grounds department, especially those crews at JHS and Warren Street, for working so hard to make everything happen. They are the true MVPs here and deserve a standing ovation! Also, thanks should be given to the over 50 students who either donated concessions or time to the planning and running of the tournament. These JHS students are the product of our district, and for the fifth year in a row they were awesome.

staff volleyball champs

Staff Volleyball Champs

Congratulations also go the teams who won: student team “I’d Hit That” and staff team “Highly Effective.” They took home the coveted t-shirts – well done!

We also raised over $100 for the backpack program through the sale of “Js”, so thank you to everyone who donated!