Dismissal Notice


Students who ride the bus or the shuttle dismiss at 3:10.
Students who are walking or get picked up dismiss at 3:15.

All buses must leave Glebe prior to the release of students who are walking or getting picking up. We realize this may be a change from your previous school. All of the buses go to each of the three elementary school to pick up students and Glebe happens to be first!

*We have two dismissal doors for walkers and students getting picked up – one for second grade on the side of the building and and third grade dismisses out front. This seems to speed up the process!

For safety reasons, we cannot allow students to be signed out from the office between 3:00 & 3:10. During this time, our employees are working very hard to prepare for a safe dismissal. While we understand that some days, we do not dismiss walkers/those getting picked up until 3:18… or so… the delay is because we are making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be, thus ensuring the safety of ALL of our students.

Thank you for your patience as we prepare each day for the safe dismissal of over two hundred children, in ten minutes.