COVID-19 Update: Classes Cancelled Until April 15

Dear Families,

Today Governor Cuomo announced a two-week extension to school closures in New York State.  This means we would not be back in school until April 15, 2020, unless there is another closure extension.

April 15 is in the middle of our scheduled Spring Break.  We are still waiting for guidance on spring break and hope to have that guidance early next week.

I know the health crisis we are in is causing difficulties for each of us and our families.  Even those of us who are not ill have had devastating disruptions to jobs, personal finances, and our daily life routines.  It is difficult to be separated from family and friends.

One thing that makes all of us feel good is getting out in the fresh air, especially as the outdoor temperatures start to rise.  However, at this time it is critical to maintain proper social distancing and keep at least 6 feet between one another.  It is for our own personal safety as well as the protection of others.

Unfortunately, a number of people in our community are not adhering to these guidelines.  There have been complaints that groups are gathering at Knox Field, and if it continues, we will have to lock the gates.  We do not want to shut off this beautiful park from the surrounding community, but if visitors do not adhere to social distancing while on school property, we will be forced to do so.

Parents, please reinforce with your children the need to keep distant from others.   Supervise them at Knox Field.  Contact sports will not be permitted at this time, and you are advised to wash your hands before and after visiting.  Groups numbering ten or more are not allowed at this time, and group members must maintain a distance of at least 6 feet with other group members.  And as always, the field closes at sundown.

Neighbors appreciate being able to walk the bridle path, sit on a bench or hit a tennis ball.  Let’s not let the actions of some ruin it for everyone.  I am asking for your help, and I thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Dr. Karen Geelan
Superintendent of Schools