Coffee Cart Friday

A few months ago Mrs. Paul’s learning center class started a coffee cart on Friday mornings. When the idea was started, donations were given to the students from various sources. These donations were vital and we thank everyone who donated. Since the initial donations, the cart has become self-sustaining in that the money that comes in is paying for the supplies to keep it running.

The staff place their orders in the morning before the first bell. Their order and their money go in an envelope with their name on it.  The students are then responsible for reading the orders, making any change, and completing the orders. They then deliver each cup with a smile.

Life skills that we practice with our coffee cart include following a recipe, sequencing steps, reading and fulfilling an order, appropriate social skills, sharing, teamwork, basic number recognition, making change, health and hygiene, and so much more. The cart takes about 30-45 minutes each Friday morning. As we continue to practice the tasks, we are getting quicker at completing the tasks and fulfilling the orders we get!

collage of photos of students helping with coffee cart

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