Capital Project Update

The first phase of the $39.6 million capital project approved by Johnstown voters in December 2014 kicked off on November 2, with crews working during the evening to remove underground storage tanks at our Glebe, Warren and Jansen buildings. These tanks are no longer needed due to alterations to our heating systems and best practice dictated that they be removed before environmental issues could take root.

Tank removal at Jansen

Working under the lights at Jansen Avenue

Drawings for the next phase of the capital project (Phase 4A) have been approved by the Board of Education and submitted to NYSED for review.  Phase 4A work will include alterations and improvements to bus loops at the elementary buildings; new roofs at Pleasant, Glebe, Warren and Jansen, as well as roof coating at Knox; alterations and resurfacing of the running track at Knox Field, together with replacement of the visitors’ bleachers and work at the Knox tennis courts, basketball court and all district playgrounds. It is anticipated that Phase 4A work will take place during the summer of 2016.

dump trucks at Warren site

Heavy equipment finishing up at Warren St.

Meetings between District staff and the architectural firm CSArch are ongoing, with careful focus on the design work for Phase 4B of the project. Phase 4B will include roof work at the high school and a new bus loop at the JHS south entrance; renovations to the school pool; construction of a concession stand with ADA compliant bathrooms at Knox; and interior renovations and improvements at all of our buildings to address health and safety upgrades and accommodate current educational practices. This work is planned to commence in 2017.

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