Capital Improvement Project 2017-18

Capital Project logoThe Greater Johnstown School District is undertaking a capital improvement process to continue to provide a safe and secure environment  that is conducive to 21st century learning and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Project Timeline                    Architectural Renderings

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Pleasant Avenue Elementary School

Renovations to main entrance, main office, and playground, replacement of windows, installation of bathrooms, removal of asbestos

Glebe Street Elementary School

Renovations to art room, music room, and playground, removal of stage and addition of cafeteria space, replacement of roof and boiler, removal of asbestos

Warren Street Elementary School

Renovations to main entrance, vestibule, library, chorus room, band room, bathrooms, and playground, replacement of roof, creation of a STEM lab, installation of climate control for technology hub room

Knox Junior High School

Renovations to classrooms for music, art, science, home economics, and technology, as well as stairwells, locker rooms, bathrooms, and tennis courts, replacement of windows, resurfacing of roof, construction of new concession stand with restrooms and installation of new sound system at Knox Field

Johnstown High School

Renovations to science wing, media center, art room, technology room, pool, locker rooms, gymnasium, main office, nurse’s office, and guidance office, installation of emergency power system, replacement of roof, removal of asbestos

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber.  It was used in numerous building materials and vehicle products for its strength and ability to resist heat and corrosion before its dangerous health effects were discovered.  Sometimes, for construction projects, it is necessary to disturb asbestos-containing building materials and it is often the best time to just remove it all together.  This is called asbestos abatement. The Greater Johnstown School District has a plan in place for asbestos abatement to be performed by properly trained and accredited asbestos professionals if and when necessary.

Capital Project Questions

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