Vision, Mission and Goals


The District will be a regional model school district of educational excellence for all students.


Adopted by Board Resolution March 5, 2020

The GJSD will provide and support diverse, quality academic opportunities in collaboration with our community in order to graduate citizens with the knowledge, skills and ability to promote and succeed in a stronger society.

District Goals

Adopted by Board Resolution October 25, 2018

Goal 1

Johnstown graduates will be college and career ready. Students will be proficient and literate in the areas of communication, digital technology and cultural acceptance while exhibiting good citizenship.

Goal 2

Students shall be engaged in rich and diverse opportunities that encompass personal, cultural, and varied learning experiences. Students should participate in the greater community, be encouraged to participate in goal setting, applied learning, personal expression, and citizenship.

Goal 3

The Johnstown School District will foster a faculty experience that encourages student engagement by providing freedom and empowerment, access to resources, communication and collaboration, and feeling supported and valued.

Goal 4

The Johnstown School District will welcome parents and community members as respected resources for our schools. Effective two-way communication will be fostered among school, parent and community groups. The district will offer a range of opportunities for parent and community involvement.

Goal 5

The Johnstown School District will maintain a balance between program services and taxpayer contributions. Creative approaches to increasing revenue will be encouraged while decreasing expenses and conservation practices remain vital.