Policy 7412 – Academic Eligibility

In order to be eligible for participation in any co-curricular or interscholastic athletic activity, district students should maintain a passing average (65) in every subject.  If a student is, at any 5-week marking period, determined to be failing 2 or more subjects, he/she will be placed on probation and will be required to obtain and submit a weekly progress report from the appropriate person.  The appropriate person will be the Assistant Principal at Johnstown Junior-Senior High School.  The weekly progress report will be obtained and submitted on the last day of school each week.  Eligibility will be determined on a weekly basis until the next week marking period and will carry over from one school year (and/or marking period) to the next, when appropriate.  If the student fails to go in for extra help the minimum 2 nights per week and is still failing the same 2 subjects at the next 5 week marking period he/she will be ineligible for the next 5 weeks.

Students will carry the progress report to each teacher of whose class they are failing.  The teacher of each course will signify by “S” or “U”, the student’s progress. “S” or “U” will be determined by effort, attendance, behavior, attitude and willingness to attend remediation.  If a student receives all “S”’s, he/she will be eligible for participation the following Sunday through Saturday.

If the student has 1 or more “U” ’s, he/she will be ineligible the following week but must still attend practices/meetings but is not eligible to participate in games or activities.  The student will also be required to go in for help a minimum of 2 nights for each class he/she gets a U or is failing.  A student who has attended the extra help sessions after school and is still failing at the next 5-week marking period may, within two school days, ask the building principal to review their status, and the principal will respond within two school days.  The student upon receiving in writing the decision of the principal may appeal to the superintendent or designee in writing within one school day.  The Superintendent will give a decision in writing within three days.  Upon receiving the superintendent’s decision in writing, the student may appeal to the clerk of the Bboard for action at the next scheduled board meeting.  During the appeals process the student remains eligible to practice but will not be eligible for contests, performances or activities.  The process repeats itself at the next 5-week marking period.  At the end of the day, this progress report will be submitted to the Assistant Principal at Johnstown Junior-Senior High School, who will review and determine eligibility for the following week. The school office will maintain a roster of ineligible students.  Coaches will be responsible to contact the office(s) to determine eligibility.

Student(s) will continue to carry a progress report each consecutive week until the next 5-week marking period.  If, at the time, they are passing all subjects, they will no longer be required to carry this report.

If a student fails two subjects in June, probation will continue for five weeks into the fall if he/she does not attend and pass summer school.

All other elements of the BOE Policy 7412:  Academic Eligibility coincide with that of the Johnstown Junior-Senior High School.

Adopted: 06/18/03
Revised: 04/07/05
Revised: 04/27/05
Revised: 12/13/06
Revised: 08/13/09
Revised: 10/15/20