Special Programs is using Skype!

Skype is a user friendly free video conferencing tool. You can download the program, use it online without downloading it, or use a Skype App on your phone.

To use the program:
Go to
Set up an account

When you want to video conference with someone, you need to request to be added to their contacts. Once you are on their contacts list- you can videoconference whenever the other is available.

Video Conference for a CSE meeting
Notify the child’s case manager that  you plan to video conference
Trial run the video conference with someone
Request to be added to Sara Lewis’s contact list prior to the CSE meeting. Her profile name is:  Mrs. Lewiscse  or you can search for Sara Lewis in Johnstown
Wait for a call during the scheduled  meeting time

Having Technical Difficulty?
Access the Skype website- they have tons of helpful hints
Worse comes to worse- call in for the child’s meeting and participate by phone. Special Programs phone number is: 518-736-1708

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