ML Schedules

The Greater Johnstown School District is launching ML Schedules, a new online system for booking facilities in the district.  This new platform will replace the paper Facilities Request Form.

To get started, click the login link: ML Schedules Login

On the login page, click the link to “Create New Account”

Instructions for creating the account can be found here: How to create an ML Schedules Account

The primary contact person for your organization will need to set up a group in ML Schedules.  Here’s a link to a video that explains how to create a group: Create and Edit a Group

Once the group has been approved in the system, the primary contact will be able to identify other users to be managers of the group.  Anyone who submits facility use requests on behalf of the group should be set up as a group manager.  When the primary contact sets up other group managers, those group managers will receive an email inviting them to the group.

Submitting a facility use request is quick and easy in the system.  Here’s a link to a video that explains how to submit a facility use request: Submitting a Facility Use Request

Please contact Pamela Donohue in the athletics office if you encounter any problems with the system. You can reach her by email at

The Greater Johnstown School District makes facilities available for use by community groups. See our current rates for use of facilities.

City of Johnstown Vendor Permits

Vendors may need to apply for a City of Johnstown permit to conduct certain events on Greater Johnstown School District premises.

Currently, concession stands, fundraisers, and book fairs do not require a permit. However, events such as Craft Fairs at any school building and fireworks at Knox Field do require a City of Johnstown permit.

Additional information regarding City of Johnstown vendor permits is available on the City of Johnstown website:

City of Johnstown permit applications may also be accessed on the City of Johnstown website: