2019 Johnstown Elementary Track Meet

Students in grades 4-6 from Warren Street and Wheelerville took part in the annual Johnstown Elementary Track Meet at Knox Field on Thursday, May 30th. They competed in a variety of track and field events such as the 50 Meter Dash, 50 Yard Hurdles, 200 and 400 Meter Relays, 40 Yard Shuttle Relay, Standing and Running Long Jump, Softball Throw, Discus, Shot Put and Tug-of-War.

As part of their preparation for the annual track meet, the students first participated in a track and field unit in physical education class where they were able to learn and practice their events and organize their relay teams.

Thank you to Bill Trojan for the great pictures that can be found at https://watphoto.zenfolio.com/gjsdtrackmeet19.

Thank you to everyone who assisted with organizing this event and thank you to all of our future Sir Bills and Lady Bills for their effort and teamwork.

adult places measuring tape on ground while students line up to "long jump"

Thank you to Bill Trojan for the great pictures!

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