2019 Candidate Biography: P. Oare

Patrick Oare

A Johnstown native, Patrick Oare honorably served our country in the U.S. Army, achieving the rank of Captain. He now operates a local private sector business and owns properties in the district.

Pat and his wife Meghan are the parents of three young children that will be entering the Johnstown School system in the next few years.

Asked to answer the questions “what particular experience or skills qualify you to serve as a Board member” and “what are your top three concerns facing our school district at this time,” Mr. Oare responded as follows:

“I have a vested interest in this community and its success. I feel I can bring a different perspective to the district. I believe that the school board needs a balance of education related professionals and non education professionals.  My background is fairly diverse. I have accrued many different skills over the course of my career. The Army is probably the best university with on the job training. There, I learned skills such as leadership, planning, communication, personnel management, organizational operations. After, I joined the private sector, where I use the skills I learned in the service, as well as financial, forecasting and model building, efficiencies and mainly the skill of being able to look outside the box for solutions.

My top 3 concerns for the district at this point are: fiscal stability which will lead to personnel stability in the district as well as property and populace stability in the community; a successful educational experience for all our students; and an effective and realistic plan for the future of our district that mimics our communities changing population size and needs. I feel the GJSD has a great foundation and a community that understands that the success of the district translates into the success of the community.”