2019 Candidate Biography: J. LoDestro

Joseph Lodestro

A graduate of Johnstown High School and Union College, Joe LoDestro also earned an MBA in Finance through the University at Albany. He has been employed with Adirondack Beverages for 23 years.

Joe and his wife Jeanine have three children enrolled in the district, one at Knox Junior High, one at Warren Street Elementary, and one at Pleasant Avenue Elementary. He is a coach with the Fulton United Soccer Club and organizer and head coach for the Johnstown FC U12 boys soccer team.

Asked to answer the questions “what particular experience or skills qualify you to serve as a Board member” and “what are your top three concerns facing our school district at this time,” Mr. Lodestro responded as follows:

“During my 23 year tenure at Adirondack Beverages, I have been promoted into positions with increasing responsibilities. I have progressed in my organization to a Senior Manager Level by developing and demonstrating leadership qualities, organizational strengths, financial strengths, communication skills and technical knowledge. I have demonstrated the ability to navigate and lead the organization through difficult situations by utilizing available resources efficiently and by making well informed decisions. I would use the same problem solving and decision making processes to improve the educational system in the GJSD.

Fiscal stability and “right-sizing” the district facilities are the most important priorities in our district, together with improving district performance on NYS report cards and other measures. The budget has not been managed appropriately, resulting in the current situation. A clear 5-year and 10-year plan need to be created with reasonable estimates for expenses and revenue to reverse the negative trend and build the reserve back to a respectable level. The feedback I have received from the public while collecting signatures for my campaign is that most residents are willing to contribute more in the form of taxes, but they have little to no faith in the current administration that the additional funds will be utilized properly to restore fiscal stability. I believe that the current GJSD budget situation can be corrected with the right combination of increased revenue and proper utilization of the district’s resources.”