2019 Candidate Biography: C. Tallon

Christopher Tallon

A graduate of Johnstown High School, Chris Tallon used the education and skills he acquired to immediately enter the workforce. He has been employed with National Grid/Niagara Mohawk for over nineteen years.

Chris and his wife Jamie have three children enrolled in the Greater Johnstown School District: a son at Knox Junior High, a son at Warren Street, and a daughter at Pleasant Avenue.

Asked to answer the questions “what particular experience or skills qualify you to serve as a Board member” and “what are your top three concerns facing our school district at this time,” Mr. Tallon responded as follows:

“Over the past 20 years I have been involved with several organizations through out the communities here locally. Most of the organizations have been centered around the youth of our communities such as a pop Warner football league and a little league baseball program. These two particular organizations I had the pleasure of serving as a coach, a board member, and the President of each league. Both of these opportunities have provided me with experience working in a setting in which we have to work and make decisions as a group, provided me with the experience of working with the finances of organizations which included the budgetary process, and it also provide me with the knowledge of how to be an effective leader having served as president for both organizations. As most people who know me or have worked with me in the past can tell you, once I get involved with something I am committed to it 100%. I am a person who will speak up when I feel it is necessary and warranted, I am not someone who will just go along with the flow because that’s what everyone else does. No matter what the issue may be I am someone who will speak the truth based on facts not opinions.

At this current point in time with in our district there are three main areas I think we need to focus on. First and foremost is the district’s financial situation. Secondly I believe our current graduation rate is not where it needs to be. At a time when we have all the advanced technology at our disposal we should have a graduation rate higher than the current 77% we had in 2018. The final area of concern that I feel needs to be addressed comes at a higher level. We need true education reform in our state. We need to lobby to get more funding for our public school systems and at the same time we need to see some relief on mandates.  If we do not see some significant meaningful reform our public education system is set up for failure.”