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July, 2018

Kindergarten Supplies 2018-19

Dear Students and Parents,

Kindergarten is a year where you will learn and grow. Research indicates that these early years help determine success! This year we will be reading and writing and creating meaningful projects. Thank you in advance for your support in your child’s education!

  • Backpack large enough to fit a pocket folder, library books and projects to be brought to school daily. Wheeled backpacks are not recommended (not included in kit)
  • Classroom Community Supplies:
    • 3 boxes Crayola crayons (24 count)
    • 8 Elmer’s glue sticks
    • 1 package of black Expo markers(4 count)
    • 2 boxes of tissues
    • 1 dozen Pre-Sharpened Ticonderoga Pencils *(No fancy pencils, please!  They destroy our pencil sharpeners!)*
    • 2 yellow highlighters
    • 1 package white card stock (8 ½ x 11)
    • Boys-1 package baby wipes
    • Girls-1 package clorox wipes
  • Additional supplies requested by classroom teachers
    • 1 package of Crayola markers (Salatel)
    • 1 pencil box (Salatel)
    • Girls bring 1 package napkins and boys bring 1 package Ziploc bags (Warner)
    • 1 box quart size Ziploc bags (Barnett)(Salatel)

For your child to be prepared daily in school, they should bring their own backpack, folder that will be provided, and wear comfortable play attire (including shoes for running). In addition, put a change of clothing (in a labeled Ziploc) in their backpack in case of mishaps.  Everything should be labeled with your child’s name (except for community supplies). Lunch boxes are recommended for bringing lunches to school.

Suggested supplies for home: There will be homework assigned that will require scissors, glue,pencils, and crayons.

Enjoy your summer and see you in September!

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August Orientations and Tours

Mark your calendar and plan to join us at the following events:

  • Pre-Kindergarten Meet & Greet, 6 p.m., Wednesday, August 29, at Pleasant Avenue Elementary
  • Pleasant Meet the Principal & Supply Drop Off, 10 a.m. – Noon, Wednesday, August 29, at Pleasant Avenue Elementary
  • Glebe Street Meet the Principal & Supply Drop Off (second & third grade), 10 a.m., Wednesday, August 29, at Glebe Street Elementary
  • Seventh Graders & New Knox Junior High Student Orientation, 6 p.m., Tuesday, August 28, at Knox.
  • Freshmen & New Johnstown High School Student Orientation, 6:30 p.m., Thursday, August 30, JHS Performing Arts Center.
  • Warren Street does not have a “Meet & Greet” scheduled due to capital project construction work in progress at this time. Additional information will be provided when available.

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Warren Street Undergoing Renovations

Warren Street Undergoing Renovations

As part of the district-wide capital project, there is lots of renovation happening at Warren Street this summer! Check out these photos of the new library, new entrance, and offices:

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School Supplies 2018-19

Don’t wait until September, shop at your leisure during summer sales for these school supplies for 2018-19:

Pleasant Avenue

Glebe Street

Warren Street

Knox Junior High

Johnstown High School



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Fall Athletic Physicals Make-up Date, Aug. 8

Fall sport athletes who have not yet obtained a physical may do so at the Johnstown High School Nurse’s Office at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, August 8.

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District Accepting Pre-K Applications

The Greater Johnstown School District is currently accepting applications for the prekindergarten program for the 2018-2019 school year. To be eligible, children must be four years old on or before December 1, 2018 and reside within the school district boundaries.  Applications are available on the forms page of our website, or by calling 518-762-4611, ext. 3101.

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Glebe Banking Letter

Glebe Banking Letter

First Choice Financial Credit Union logo

September 2018

Dear Parent or Guardian:

This year we plan to do a “School Savings Star Program” with First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union.

Saving pennies, nickels and dimes will add up to dollars in no time!

The Johnstown School District is committed to providing a well-rounded education to prepare students for success in all facets of their lives. This includes learning the importance of saving money and developing strong savings habits beginning at the elementary school level.

By participating in the school-banking program, your child will learn what a savings account is, begin to appreciate the advantages of saving, and will receive an account statement displaying their account activity. Your child will be able to make their deposits right at school on a designated banking day, or at the First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union main office located at 355 Hales Mills Road in Gloversville, the Walmart branch office located inside the Walmart Supercenter in Gloversville, or the Broadalbin Branch Office located at 3677 State Highway 30 in Broadalbin.

If your child would like to participate in the “School Savings Star Program”, he/she can get their account started at any of the First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union locations. This savings account can be open with as little as $5. The Credit Union will make the first deposit of $5 for all Student Star Savers.

Want to learn more about the “School Savings Star Program”… come to the Glebe Street School Morning Program on Thursday, September 13, 2018!

If your child already has an account with First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union, they only need to bring their savings deposit and account number to school on banking day.

The first “School Savings Star” banking day will begin on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 and end on Tuesday, June 4, 2019. Bank days will be on Tuesdays except for holidays and school closings/delays, and will resume the following scheduled Tuesday.

As we strive to provide a quality education, we hope to see your child participate in this program and take advantage of the learning experience it will provide. We thank our First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union partners for their investment in and support of our students and our District.


Abbey North

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School Banking Coming to Glebe Fall 2018

School Banking is Coming to Glebe
Street Elementary School Fall 2018!

This year, we plan to offer a “School Savings Star Program” with First Choice Financial Federal Credit Union.

Students will receive an informational letter during the first week of school. More information will be shared at Morning Program on September 13th at 9:15 a.m. Our first banking day is Tuesday, September 17th!

Saving pennies, nickles, and dimes will add up to dollars in no time!

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First Grade Supplies 2018-19

First Grade Supplies 2018-19

hand-drawn abc, back to school, 1+2+3, pencil, apple, symbols

June 2018

Dear First Grade Families,

We are so excited to begin another school year! In order to complete the special activities and projects we have planned, students need to bring the following supplies with them on the first day of school.  Please make sure supplies are labeled with the student’s name.

  • 4 dozen sharpened Ticonderoga pencils
  • 4 – 24 count CRAYOLA crayons
  • 8 Elmer’s glue sticks
  • 12 black EXPO chisel tip dry erase markers
  • 4 large pink erasers (***Mrs. Lisicki’s class please bring a pack of cap erasers instead)
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 2 large boxes of Kleenex
  • 1 2-pocket, plastic coated folder
  • 1 marble composition notebook (preferably primary ruled)
  • 2 containers of LYSOL or Clorox wipes
  • 1 box of zipper sandwich baggies–girls bring
  • 1 box of zipper gallon sized baggies–boys bring
  • 1 box of legal sized envelopes
  • 1 package of white 3 x 5 index cards
  • 1 package of white 8 x 11 cardstock
  • 1 Plastic pencil box

We look forward to meeting our new students and families in September! Until then, enjoy the summer break and keep reading!!


smiley faceThe First Grade Teachers

Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Edel, Mrs. Lisicki,
Mrs. Rubscha, Miss Papa, and Mrs. Sitts



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Fourth Grade Supplies 2018-19

Fourth Grade Supplies 2018-19

words "school supplies" with rulers, pencils, apples

Dear Students,

Hello! We hope that you are looking forward to being a 4th grader! We are eager and excited to get to know you.

The following is a list of items to get you started in September:

  • 24 #2 Ticonderoga pencils (sharpened please)
  • 5 sturdy plastic 2-pocket folders (one of each – red, blue, green, orange & yellow)
  • 1 12 or 24 box of Crayola colored pencils
  • 1 standard composition notebook (around 50 sheets)
  • 1 package of wide-ruled loose leaf paper
  • 2 glue sticks
  • 1 small package of pencil cap erasers
  • 2 large boxes of tissues
  • 2 fine point Expo BLACK dry erase markers
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 2 yellow highlighters
  • 1 pencil box (no bigger than 8” x 5” x 2”)
  • 1 set of earbuds to use with Chromebooks (to be left at school)
  • BOYS only- 1 container of disinfecting wipes
  • GIRLS only – 1 bottle of hand sanitizer (8 oz. or larger)

The school will provide each child with a planner and take home folder. In the meantime, please practice and memorize your addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. This will really help you succeed in fourth grade. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. Have a wonderful summer and keep reading!


The 4th Grade Teachers

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