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July, 2016

JHS Fourth Quarter Honor Roll

JHS High Honor Roll Fourth Quarter 2015-16

Eighth Grade:  Caroline Beck, Shakeera Myers, Abigail Rodecker

Freshman:  Kacie Adams, Zoe Bartholomew, Matthew Boyle, Allyson Brandow, Mark Cwiakala, Austustus D’Amore, Sydney Darling, Grace Fitzgerald, Sophia Frenyea, Abigail Gottung, Brooke Grace, Alexis Houser, Salem Keeling, Emma Kilmer, Tyler Kortz, Molly Lake, Rachel Lee, Victor Orsell, Alexander Quillan, Altreyvious Stover, Jenna Thompson, Brady VanAernam, Taylor Vose, Olivia Weiderman, Emily Wheelis, Lindsay Yesse

Sophomores:  Kerry Blackwood, Patrick Blake, Heidi Chamberlain, Emily Clizbe, Christian Germany, Abigail Levin, Jillian Martelle, Hannah Mellis, Emily Miles, Josephine Mowrey, Jasmine Pechtel, Emma Rizzo, Ashley Ruehle, Julia Sarullo, Christian Solby, Sara Stortecky, Alison Trajlinek, Sandra Trueworthy, Peter VanDenburgh, Alex VanDeusen, Kayla Wesley, Maddie Willett, Adam Wilson, Lauryn Wilson

Juniors:  Lindsay Blackwell, Michael Brown, Chelsea Cirillo, Katherine Cummings, Raina Danylak, Mallory DeFrancis, Claire Hayes, Anna Heroth, Daniel Jarabek, Sarah Martelle, Grace Michienzi, Cecelia Mowrey, Brandon Mraz, Laci Nellis, Aylene Newman, Madisyn Orsell, Robert Osborne, Jacob Petrie, Hannah Putman, Julia Roth, Chloe Salisbury, Molly Sear, Zackariah Smith, Jordan Spaid, Tyler Spaid, Patrick Sprouse, Tia Thompson, Jack Truckenmiller, Casey VanValkenburgh, Samantha Wright, Kaila Young

Seniors:  Victoria Baker, Jonathan Bearden, Samuel Bobbette, Logan Brandt, Jacob Cerasuolo, Mattie Clough, Emma Crouse, Emily Day, Theadora Dingmon, Adam Ferrari, John Fitzgerald, Mia Franko, Courteney Hill, Taylor Hill, Tanner Hlozansky, Reily Kotwasinski, Hunter Livingstone, Miranda Loucks, Kaeleigh Lozier, Jacob Morgan, Molly Morrison, Priya Moudgil, Raymond Nellis, Allison O’Connell, Lindsey Salamack, Joseph Salatel, Felicia Smith, Ciara Solby, Alexandra VanAernam, Haylee VanValkenburgh, Jamal Vazquez, Erica Wagner, Whitney Western

JHS Honor Roll Fourth Quarter 2015-16

Freshman:  Noah Bowne, Hailey Brockert,  Charles Brown, Sydney Bruce, Alfio DeMarco, Taylor Denmark, Conner Diviyak, Janay Douglas, Madison Etherton, Nolan Hayes, Julian Martes, Zoe Petrie, Taylor Small, Jordyn Stoutner, Dalton Town, Zachary Vosburgh, Bracie Vose, MaggieJean Waddle, Macenzie Ward, Evan White

Sophomores:  Abigail Baker, Victoria Baker, Hannah Ball, Emily Barker, Cody Brewer, Schuyler Claes, Ryan Crooker, Abby Crouse, Abby Davis, William Dickson, Riley Hall, Hunter Hill, Alexys Hutchins, George James, Candace Kelly, Griffin Klena, Benjamin Lake, David Malagisi, Samuel Miller, Benjamin Poitras, Zachary Ropeter , Matthew Salamack, Jesse VanNostrand

Juniors:  Nathan Ackernecht, Mallory Baldwin, Julia Bevington, Jacob Billa, Briana Dean, Nicholas Frasier, Taylor Griffith, Jordan Herron, Katerina James, Derek Lee, Jenna Levine, Tatum May, Nateesha McClarren, Kayla Mercer, Alexander Pratt, Jordan Rose, Laura Scharpou, Kaitlyn Serpa, Aareanna Snell, Christopher VanHoesen, Benjamin Wager

Seniors:  Lauren Adams, Ryan Ammann, Cassandra Battistini, Amber Bentley, Chelsea Bentley, Kevin Bentley, Salena Bleyl, Devin Boyle Alexia Brunetto, Colin Bump, Stephen Camarra, Jaclyn Claburn, Alexis Darling, Trevor Day, Monica DiScoscia, Patrick Fleming, Nicole Fountain, Nicholas Giannott, Jay Hadcock, Austin Hinderliter, Aurora LaTourrette, Alexander Lawrence, Lukas Levin, Sadja Montesir, Zachary Morton, Kaitlyn Pica, Kyle Polidore, Cassandra Saltsman, Julie Sear, Zachary Sitterly, James Spagnuola, Harry Western III,


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Operation Recognition

Operation Recognition

snapshot of American flagThe Greater Johnstown School District is proud to announce its participation in Operation Recognition, a New York State program that grants a high school diploma to any veteran of WWII, the Korean War or Vietnam War who was unable, for any reason, to complete a secondary education.

Operation Recognition was established by the State Legislature and Governor George E. Pataki to recognize the dedication and sacrifice of veterans of WWII, the Korean Conflict and Vietnam War who left school before graduating by awarding them a high school diploma based on the knowledge and experience they gained while in service.

To be eligible, a Veteran must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a New York State resident.
  2. Engaged in active duty service for at least one day during one of the following wartime periods:
    –  World War II: December 7, 1941 – December 31, 1946
    –  Korea: June 27, 1950 – January 31, 1955
    –  Vietnam: May 1, 1961 – April 30, 1975
  3. Received a satisfactory discharge from military service.

Deceased Veterans can also receive a diploma. The child or spouse of a deceased Veteran who meets the criteria listed above may apply and accept a posthumous diploma on the Veteran’s behalf.

Qualifying Veterans or their family members must present evidence of the Veteran’s military service, including dates of service and discharge status. Acceptable verifying documents include a DD Form 214 (the Department of Defense discharge form), a WD AGO Form 53-55 form (Enlisted Record and Report of Separation), an Honorable Discharge Certificate, or a Special Discharge form from the Coast Guard or Merchant Marines.  Such documentation may also include a letter from a recognized veterans agency affirming such service.

Candidates do not need to show evidence of attendance at a school in New York State.  They only need to affirm in writing that they do not possess a high school diploma.  Veterans possessing a high school equivalency diploma are also eligible.

If you are a veteran interested in receiving your high school diploma through the Operation Recognition program, please submit the attached application, along with the required documentation, to the Superintendent’s Office at 1 Sir Bills Circle, Suite 101, Johnstown, New York 12095.

For further information, please call the Superintendent’s Office at (518) 762-4611, ext. 104.



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Construction Update

Construction Update

bulldozer on dirt at KnoxAs reported at the July 7 Board of Education meeting by David Wood, Director of Facilities I, the District Wide 4 project is in full motion and progressing at a fast pace. The weather has cooperated and allowed the contractors to make significant progress. All four of the contracts are actively being fulfilled and every school is currently receiving improvements. The cooperation and coordination among the contractors has been incredible so far.

schematic drawingJohnstown High School is undergoing asbestos abatement in the crawl space. The bulk removal area is two thirds complete and awaiting final air sample clearance. Once the results are passed, the remaining section of the crawl space will be completed. In the meantime, smaller enclosures are being built to remove asbestos in the finished area of the basement. The drawing at the left is approximately half of the first area. The black lines represent the foundation, while the red lines represent all of the infrastructure in the crawl space that needs to be abated and cleaned.

Knox Junior High is undergoing a repair and recertification of its spray foam roof. A total of eight roof drains have been removed and replaced. Any damp spots in the foam barrier have been cut out and re-sprayed with foam. All that remains to complete the roof is a spray application of finish sealant and protective granules.

technician spraying Knox trackThe site improvements at Knox Field are on schedule. The baseball field underdrain has been completed and the backstop relocated. The tennis court sub grade is complete, along with the underdrain and yard drain. The old visitors’ bleachers have been demolished and concrete poured for the new seating. Our running track has received a large scale makeover, including replacement of deteriorated areas; floating areas have been re-bonded to the base, and a new wearing course sprayed over the entire track. We are currently waiting for lettering and lane striping. In the picture to the right, a technician is applying the structural wearing surface to the track.

Warren Street School has 90% of its site demolition completed. Several drainage structures and drain pipe have been installed. The general contractor has removed all of the old stone fascia and applied backer board to half of the building; 25% of the finish system base has been adhered to the backer.

All of the pavement has been removed, along with most of the sidewalk, at Glebe Street School. Two drainage structures have been installed and tied into the city storm system. Two new yard drains have also been placed in the front of the building to control surface water. The roof at Glebe is currently being replaced. Approximately 13,000 square feet of roofing has been removed and new insulation and single membrane roof laid down.

Pleasant Avenue’s roof is currently being replaced as well. They are up to 15,000 square feet of roof removed and replaced. Although the site work has not begun yet, the contractor has materials on site and plans to being as soon as possible.

Jansen RoofTo the left is a view of Jansen Avenue’s roof as the new meets the old. This building has received about 12,500 square feet of new roofing and insulation so far. The site contractor has prepared for the directional boring of the new sewer line for Briggs Field House, but has yet to start any site demolition.

We feel we are currently on schedule and hope to remain so, weather permitting.


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