2016-17 NYS Assessments for Grades 3-8

New York State assessment exams are unique in that they use statewide high school outcome data, career entry data and statewide comparative data to develop growth targets for each grade level.

  • As early as third grade, the test results help predict if your child is on track to meet graduation requirements and on the path to college and career readiness.
  • The results also show the progress of large groups of students to see where our children are in comparison to state and regional trends.
  • The data from the assessments assist with decisions about providing additional instructional resources as well as identifying areas for enrichment.  State assessments are not the only source of data used in making those decisions but they provide valuable insight.

Changes have been made to the assessments in response to concerns brought forward to the state by parents and teachers.  The tests have been shortened and have no time limitations. And, unlike the Common Core tests delivered two years ago, this year’s tests have incorporated teacher feedback in the test development process.

As a district, we recognize that the testing process can be stressful so we try to customize the experience to meet the needs of all students. There are procedures in place to make the testing run smoothly and allow each child to complete the work at his or her own pace.

As a NYS public school, we are required to administer these important assessments to all students in grades 3-8.  If you have requests or concerns about this, we would be happy to address them. It is respectfully asked that you communicate this to your child’s principal in writing before March 24, 2017 so that they may respond appropriately; it will be more difficult to accommodate your requests after that date.

See the NYS Testing Schedule